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Endeavor Metals is the go-to silver coin dealer for investors and collectors of all experience levels. We proudly stock all the most popular silver bullion coins, as well as 90% silver coins, and rare and commemorative silver numismatics. Investing in silver is a time-proven way to diversify your financial portfolio, and we offer competitive product pricing to suit all budgets. Buy silver coins online to diversify into a time-tested store of value.

Build Your Coin Collection

Endeavor Metals Group stocks a wide variety of silver coins, and one of the most requested is the American Silver Eagle. One year, demand for this coin was so overwhelming that the U.S. Mint had to suspend sales. If you’re looking to buy silver coins online, the Silver Buffalo Round is also one of the most requested silver bullion coins. The Silver Peace Dollar and Silver Morgan Dollar are also excellent choices for those seeking U.S. silver coins.

We also carry silver coins from all over the world. An incredibly popular foreign coin is the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. The most popular silver bullion in Europe is the Austrian Silver Philharmonic. The China Silver Panda is globally loved for its precious black and white bear. Australia has a few silver animal coins, but the Australian Silver Kangaroo is the most notable. Collect them all to create your own silver coin passport!

Types of Silver Coins

Before you buy silver coins online at Endeavor Metals, you may wish to explore your options. As a Tier 1 silver coin dealer with over 50 years of in-house experience, we proudly offer the most desirable silver coins from esteemed mints all over the globe. Here’s a look at the various types of silver coins available to investors.

Annual-Release Silver Bullion Coins

These are the most widely available silver bullion coins. They’re issued by sovereign mints from their respective countries, and their weight and purity are backed by a central government and/or bank.

Most annual-release silver bullion coins have a face value that doesn’t represent the coin’s true worth. For example, a 1 oz American Silver Eagle has a $1 face value. But if you buy silver coins online, the cost will naturally be higher. These face values are used to classify the coin as legal tender so that it can be transported all over the world without incurring taxes or tariffs.

Special-Issue Silver Bullion Coins

Popular among both collectors and investors, special-issue silver bullion coins are only released in limited quantities. They may have unique finishes, designs, or weights, and many are released to commemorate specific events, places, people, or other cultural entities.

Junk Silver Coins

“Junk” silver coins refer to pre-1965 American coins that were minted from 90% silver. Many investors who buy silver coins online prefer junk silver because of its lower price point. Common examples of junk silver coins include Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Standing Liberty Quarters, Mercury Dimes, and War Nickels.

Silver Numismatics

Silver numismatics are extremely rare, low-population coins. As long as you buy numismatics from a reputable silver coin dealer, they can make great investments because of their scarcity and high market demand.

A numismatic coin can take many forms. For example, some are special-issue silver bullion coins that have been preserved in pristine condition. Others may have minting errors. Learn more here: How to Find Numismatic Coin Value.

Are Junk Silver Coins a Good Investment?

If your goal is to buy silver coins online solely to own the metal, junk silver coins are the best deal. However, they don’t have any value at all as collector’s pieces.

Learn more here: Is Junk Silver Worth Buying?

Why Buy Silver Coins Online?

While gold remains the most coveted of the precious metals, silver offers many of the same benefits but at a more accessible price point. During times of economic and political uncertainty, many investors turn to silver coins and silver bars as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.

Although silver is more affordable than gold, many silver enthusiasts actually prefer it for its volatility. Silver has outperformed gold in bull markets, and its relatively low price means that it is able to increase more significantly in price than its more stable yellow sister metal. Silver has remained a reliable store of value for many centuries, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

Tips for Buying Silver Coins

The act of buying silver coins is straightforward—choose your coins and place your order. However, there are some important factors to keep in mind as you plan your investment. Follow these tips to reduce risk.

  • Choose a reputable dealer.
  • Pay attention to silver’s spot price and movements.
  • Consider current economic conditions and how they relate to silver prices.
  • Anticipate how future economic conditions may change and affect silver prices.
  • Learn about which silver coins have grown in value since their release so you can buy silver coins online with high potential for similar growth.
  • Talk to a silver coin dealer representative if you have questions or are seeking a specific coin.

Diversify Your Financial Portfolio

If you’re ready to buy silver coins online, we invite you to contact us for personalized guidance. Endeavor Metals is a Tier 1 silver coin dealer, and our in-house precious metals specialists will be happy to help you make an informed investment based on your specific financial goals. Please contact us for a free consultation.

All Endeavor products are backed by our 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee, so place your order with confidence. Endeavor Metals offers more than 50 years of experience, and we are members of the prestigious Silver Institute, the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, the American Numismatic Association, and the Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC). Buy silver coins online to protect the value of your assets.

FAQs: Silver Coins

What’s the difference between silver bullion coins and silver numismatics?

Silver bullion coins are government-issued coins that are guaranteed to contain a certain amount of silver bullion. Silver numismatics are collectible, rare, antique, commemorative, and low-population coins that possess value beyond their silver content.

Are all silver bullion coins made from pure silver?

If you plan to buy silver coins online, you may be wondering about purity. Silver coin dealers offer products in .999 and .9999 purity. .999 (fine) silver is 99.90% pure, while .9999 (ultrafine) silver is 99.99% pure. 

All silver bullion coins are at least .999 pure. Regardless of purity, a one oz silver coin will always contain one troy ounce of silver.

What’s a troy ounce?

You may have noticed that bullion coins are weighed using troy ounces. A standard ounce refers to 28 grams, while a troy ounce refers to 31.104 grams.

What are “junk” silver coins?

Silver “junk” coins are pre-1964 coins that were minted for circulation and contain 90% silver. They don’t have any collector’s value, but they’re a great choice if you want to buy silver coins online at the lowest price.

Are silver bullion coins legal tender?

Bullion coins have a face value, so they're technically legal tender. However, the face value is significantly lower than the actual intrinsic value due to its silver content. For example, the one oz American Silver Eagle Coin only has a face value of one dollar.

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