Gold Bars

If you’re looking to buy gold bullion online, look no further than Endeavor Metals. We are a Tier 1 United States Mint bullion dealer with an A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation. Gold bars are essential to a well-diversified portfolio, acting as a staunch hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. Here at Endeavor, we stock various-size bars from multiple mints, including the coveted gold kilo bar. Buy gold bars online from a reputable gold bullion dealer.

Explore a Broad Range of Mints and Sizes

There are plenty of mints to choose from. Each has its own credibility, and features its name on its respective gold bars. If you’re looking to buy gold bullion online, Endeavor Metals can meet your spending requirements. We carry bars in many sizes, including pressed bars smaller than 32.15 oz, kilo bars, and bars over 100 oz.

One of the most popular and well-known designs is the Pamp Suisse gold bar, depicting Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune. 

Johnson Matthey no longer produces gold bars, as they sold their refining operations to Asahi Holdings, Inc (a Japanese firm). However, we are able to obtain Johnson Matthey bars and sell them right here! 

The Perth Mint is Australia’s oldest operating mint and was originally founded as part of The Royal Mint when it was under British colonial rule. Perth Mint bars are a superb choice for those seeking to buy gold bullion online with exceptional purity, as they are most notably known for producing the purest gold ever produced (999.999) in 1957.

The second purest gold currently produced comes from the Royal Canadian Mint at 999.99. It is a technologically advanced refinery that uses chemical processes and procedures to obtain that fineness. These highly sought-after products are only available from leading gold bullion dealers like Endeavor Metals.

Invest in a Tangible Asset

Seasoned investors and beginners alike buy gold bars online because it’s a reliable, stable asset with inherent value proven by time. Gold bars and coins are portfolio staples that protect one’s assets from currency devaluation, inflation, and other unfortunate market conditions.

Beyond being a practical investment vehicle, many gold enthusiasts buy gold bullion online for personal reasons beyond the monetary aspect. Seeking out and collecting gold products is incredibly rewarding—in more ways than one. Make your investment a hobby.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Shopping for gold can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are not quite sure where to start. Our in-house precious metals specialists will be happy to assist you in selecting gold products that meet your individual needs, whether that means gold bars, gold coins, or gold numismatics. Contact us now for a complimentary consultation.

We bring more than 50 years of experience to the table. So you can confidently buy gold bullion online from a seasoned gold bullion dealer. Endeavor Metals is also a member of many prestigious organizations, including the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, the American Numismatic Association, and the Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC), among others. Buy gold bars online to protect the value of your assets.

FAQs: Gold Bars

Should I buy gold bars, coins, or numismatics?

If you want to buy gold at the lowest price possible, go for gold bars as they’re more economical, especially if you buy larger sizes. 

Gold bullion coins usually have slightly higher premiums due to their intricate designs, collectibility, and historical significance. 

If you just want to buy gold bullion online, numismatics aren’t the right choice for you. Gold numismatics cost more than gold’s spot price because they’re rare, antique, and commemorative coins that are highly desirable among collectors. 

Why is there a premium over the spot price?

All gold bullion dealers charge a slight markup over the current market price of the precious metal. This premium covers a variety of costs, including minting, storage, and distribution. 

Collectible and historical items may also have a higher premium. Because gold bars are easier to produce and store and are not usually collectible, the premium is typically lower.

Are gold bars taxed?

You must know about tax implications before you buy gold bullion bars online. In the United States, physical precious metals holdings are classified as capital assets (specifically collectibles), so they’re subject to capital gains taxes, but only after you hold and sell them for longer than one year.

What size bars should I buy?

Before you buy gold bars online, consider your goals. If you want to liquidate your holdings easily, buying ten one-oz bars rather than one 10-oz bar makes more sense. This allows you to sell them in increments that meet your needs. 

However, if you plan to buy gold bullion online for long-term wealth preservation, it might make more sense to purchase larger bars, especially if you’re buying a substantial amount of gold.

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