Palladium Bars

Palladium bars are increasing in popularity in the precious metals world for investors and collectors, and for good reason. In addition to the many uses of palladium bullion, its finite supply is steadily decreasing. This makes it a very attractive investment vehicle for speculators who foresee a bright future for platinum’s cousin metal. Diversify your investment portfolio into a tangible asset with tremendous room for short and long-term growth.

Premium Palladium Bars at Competitive Prices

If you’re interested in adding palladium bullion to your portfolio, you’ve come to the right place. While palladium products are priced based on the metal’s current value on the charts, we don’t add significantly inflated markups like other precious metals dealers. Our premiums are highly competitive, ensuring that you never need to shop for precious metals anywhere else.

Buying palladium in bar format is the most economical way to invest in the precious metal. The premiums are lower than palladium coins, and purchasing in bulk quantities further reduces the cost. As always, we’re happy to assist you in selecting the palladium products that fit your spending requirements.

Popular Palladium Bars

Palladium bullion bars aren’t as common as other precious metals. But Endeavor Metals stocks the finest palladium products from Switzerland, including both 1 oz and 10 oz palladium bars. We offer palladium bullion from PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse.

PAMP Suisse is a precious metals producer most notably known for depicting Lady Fortuna on their bars. Their bars are acceptable as “Good Delivery” by the Swiss National Bank, London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), and other corporations. They are also a member of the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade, which aims to provide conflict-free palladium bars and other precious metals. 

Credit Suisse has had a huge impact on the precious metals world and the economic development of Switzerland. The firm helped the country develop its currency system, funded notable entrepreneurs, and invested in the Gotthard railroad system, connecting Switzerland to other European countries. You can find premium Credit Suisse palladium products right here at Endeavor!

Why Buy Palladium Bars?

Palladium bars offer many of the same benefits as platinum. Like its cousin, palladium is part of the group of elements referred to as “platinum group metals” and a key element in the production of catalytic converters in automotive engines. However, palladium bullion actually has the lowest melting point, is the least dense, and is also very well known for its high resistance to corrosion. 

Besides its use in the automotive industry, palladium is used in the dental and electronic industries. Its brilliant sheen also makes palladium extremely popular among jewelry enthusiasts. 

Because palladium is a finite resource with true intrinsic value, demand will likely continue to rise over time. Now is the time to stake your claim on palladium bars while the upside potential is huge.

Types of Palladium Bullion Bars

Precious metal bars come in two styles: cast bars and minted ingots. The differences between the two styles are only based on how they’re produced, and in turn, how they look. Both types of bars contain the same amount and quality of palladium, so simply choose the palladium bars that most appeal to you visually.

Cast Bars

Both types of bars begin as cast bars. This is the most basic form. The palladium undergoes a process called casting, which is when it’s melted into a liquid, poured into molds, and left to cool back into solid metal. The bars are then stamped with details, such as the weight, purity, and manufacturer. Cast bars can be identified by their unpolished, natural look.

Minted Ingots

Minted ingots are cast bars that have been refined further. They’re usually polished, cut, engraved, and/or shaped. These palladium bars typically have shiny finishes, intricate detailing, and sharper corners. Some may have artistic imagery. Because more work is required to produce minted ingots, their premiums may be higher than their no-frills cast counterparts.

Tips for Buying Palladium Bullion Bars

Palladium can be an outstanding investment vehicle, but there are some important factors to consider. At Endeavor Metals, your satisfaction is our highest priority. That’s why we help educate our clients to ensure they’re choosing the right precious metal for their portfolio. Here are some points to keep in mind as you plan your investment.

Risk Tolerance

Compared to other precious metals, palladium bars and coins are more volatile. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preferences and goals. The shifting prices can be quite appealing for someone seeking an attractive entry or exit point—just watch the charts and make your move at an opportune time. 

That said, if you’re looking for a stable, dependable investment option, you may find that gold, silver, or even platinum are better choices.

Outlook on the Automotive Industry

A significant amount of palladium’s demand comes from the automotive industry. Manufacturers use the metal to produce catalytic converters, which are components that help reduce vehicular pollution. 

Many investors buy palladium bars because they anticipate increasing demand for the metal as the finite resource grows in scarcity and environmental standards become stricter.

Home or Bank Storage

Because of its high value, storing palladium bullion is usually easy. You can keep it in a safe at home. However, if you plan on purchasing a large quantity, you may want to consider a bank safe deposit box or even a vault.

Talk to an Expert Today

In addition to these bars, we also carry palladium coins and palladium numismatics, and can also help you set up a palladium IRA. Recognizing that investors have unique goals and needs, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Contact us for a free consultation, and our in-house precious metals specialists will provide personalized guidance.

Endeavor Metals has an A+ accreditation on the Better Business Bureau and a 4.9 Google star rating. We proudly offer over 50 years of experience, and all palladium bars are backed by our 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee. We belong to multiple esteemed organizations, including the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, the American Numismatic Association, and the Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC), among others. Secure your financial future with palladium bullion today.

FAQs: Palladium Bars

What are my options for buying physical palladium bullion?

Palladium bars and palladium coins are both outstanding investment vehicles for anyone who wishes to own the metal at the lowest possible price.

Bars are the most economical format because they have a slightly lower markup than coins. If you’re planning to purchase a large quantity of platinum, buying a large bar will cost less than buying multiple coins. However, plenty of investors prefer coins because of their eye appeal and collectibility.

What are palladium numismatics?

Just like bullion bars and coins, palladium numismatics are made out of palladium. However, they cost more than palladium bars and coins because of their rarity, which goes beyond just their palladium makeup. 

Numismatics refer to coins that are not as widely available as their bullion counterparts. Some are commemorative coins produced in lower quantities, while others are desirable because they’re in pristine condition. 

If you’re not interested in coin collecting as a hobby, it’s best to stick with traditional bullion coins. That said, numismatics do offer significant potential for growth. So they’re worth considering if you’re looking to diversify your financial portfolio further.

How do I know I’m receiving authentic palladium?

It’s imperative that you only buy precious metals from a trusted dealer. We have over 50 years of in-house experience. If we were selling fake palladium bars, you’d know about it by now! Our sterling track record speaks for itself—we have an A+ accredited grade on the Better Business Bureau and a 4.9 Google star rating. 

As a Tier 1 United States Mint and Royal Canadian Mint bullion dealer, you can be confident that our palladium bullion is always authentic. We even offer a seven-day, 100% money-back guarantee to further protect your purchase, and that guarantee even applies if the palladium market has a downturn.

Furthermore, Endeavor Metals belongs to multiple accredited precious metals and numismatics organizations, so you can be sure you’re receiving genuine palladium bars. Those organizations include the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, the prestigious Silver Institute, the Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC), and the American Numismatic Association.

Should I choose PAMP Suisse or Credit Suisse bars?

Both are world-renowned, Swiss precious metals producers that offer .9995 pure palladium bullion. So, simply select your preferred design. 

Why is palladium better than other precious metals?

Palladium isn’t necessarily better—it’s just different. Each precious metal has its own unique characteristics, so it all comes down to personal preference and market outlook. Palladium is most comparable to platinum. In fact, it’s part of the platinum group of metals.

The biggest reason why palladium bars have grown significantly in popularity is due to the metal’s ever-growing demand, especially in the automotive industry. Like platinum, palladium is used to manufacture catalytic converters, which help reduce vehicular pollution.

It’s clear that automotive companies are pushing for greener vehicles, so palladium bullion is likely to remain in high demand for the foreseeable future. Additionally, there’s a very strong chance that palladium will be required for future technologies yet to be seen. Simply put, now is the time to stake your claim on this rare metal while it’s still relatively accessible.

Can I include palladium bars in my retirement portfolio?

Absolutely. Many investors keep palladium and other precious metals in their retirement portfolio in order to diversify their holdings. You can open a precious metals IRA to hold your palladium assets. At Endeavor Metals, we offer IRA-eligible precious metals as well as precious metals retirement account services. 

Contact us to set up your precious metals IRA today!

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