Advantages of
precious metals IRAs

The advantages of a precious metals IRA are four-fold: diversity, opportunity, safety, and control. These advantages are why this type of IRA may be the single most effective and simple way for you to add balance to your retirement equation.

A Precious Metals IRA Allows for Asset Diversification.

Diversification helps smooth out the volatility within investment holdings, with the goal being more stable, reliable returns over time. Simply hedging among different stock investments over time isn’t enough, as millions of Americans learned when their retirement investments evaporated as a result of the financial and economic crises beginning in 2008.

Though we all hope for a swift and sustained recovery, a prudent investor must keep in mind the remaining threats to paper assets: massive government debt at home and abroad, inflation, quantitative easing, the weakening U.S. dollar, and geopolitical tensions, among others.

To diversify within the tangible assets category, distribution across three investment sectors is advised. This distribution is the most profitable in the long term as each asset class comes with its own financial benefits. Different coin types can serve short, medium, and long-term holding strategies to maximize security.

Beyond Diversity, a Precious Metals IRA Provides Opportunity

In light of the recent crises, precious metals have performed remarkably well. Experts predict continued strength in the years to come. At Endeavor, we help our clients to focus on short-, medium-, and long-term strategies inside of their portfolios so that, regardless of what happens, you’re prepared.

A Precious Metals IRA Provides Safety

Precious metals are the safe-haven asset of choice for individuals, institutions, and governments. The attributes that make precious metals a safe investment naturally extend to a precious metals IRA, in which real, physical metals are held in your account.

Unlike paper assets, which may become devalued in a future crisis, the value of precious metals can never fall to zero. Nothing brings peace of mind like knowing your retirement assets are stored in a fortified bank vault. We offer full depository services through our affiliated partner.

A Precious Metals IRA offers a Level of Control Not Found in Any Other Retirement Solution

Only a self-directed IRA allows you to make every decision about your account assets, allocation, and redistribution, while also giving you important tax advantages. When taking a distribution, you can choose to take physical delivery of your metals or to sell and accept cash funds.

Which Metals are Right for My IRA?

Silver’s supply and demand drivers are unique because of its many diverse applications as a key industrial metal. These applications make reclamation of the metal difficult and limit its availability. Some experts believe pressures on available supplies may fuel massive increases in silver prices in the coming years.

Platinum is considered the most precious of the precious metals. It is nearly 15 times scarcer than gold and is in strong industrial demand, primarily in automobile catalytic converters and industrial pollution control systems. There are no known stockpiles of platinum, and as a result, it is subject to intensive upward volatility over supply concerns. Also, platinum values may respond positively to healthy world economies.

Ready to Get Started with a Precious Metals IRA?

Platinum is a solid asset with great upside potential, yet we cannot simply decide which type of precious metal is right for your portfolio. Check your options and contact us today. An IRA account representative is here to help.

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