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Palladium is gaining more stability in the precious metals market as it is very similar to

it’s cousin, platinum. Like platinum, palladium is a rare, silvery-white metal and is used in

catalytic converters which convert about 90% of the harmful fumes/gases in automobiles. In

2017, global palladium sales were at 8.84 million ounces where 86% of that was used in the

automotive industry. South Africa, Russia, United States and Canada are the top palladium

producers of the world. Palladium can be found with other like metals, as a free metal alloyed

with gold.

As the United States is a large producer of palladium, it is no surprise that we make an

American Palladium Eagle coin. It began with the American Eagle Palladium Bullion Coin Act

of 2010 that authorized the minting and in 2017, it was released. The day it was released, within

5 minutes, all 15,000 coins were sold! The 2018 proof version even had to suspend sales the day

it went on market. Similarly United States and Canada are large producers of palladium as well

and have their own version, the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf. The Palladium Maple Leaf

was first minted in 2005 to 2007, 2009 and then reintroduced again in 2015 and onward.

Interestingly, the Palladium Maple Leaf is subject to the GST/HST tax, while the predecessors,

Gold, Silver and Platinum Maple Leafs are not. While there is only so much palladium mined

and with the increases in investment and industrial demand, we believe palladium is worthy in

be included in a diversified portfolio.

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