The Most Popular Gold Bullion Coins for Investment

November 17, 2021

Gold is considered excellent hedging against inflation and is one of the most popular alternative investments because it is accessible to a wide range of investors, and you can touch the investment in your hands. Gold bullion in West Palm Beach was always an excellent alternative. 

Here's a rundown of the most popular gold bullion coins for investment, each with its distinct personality!

Gold coins and Gold Bullion in West Palm Beach

The Best Gold Bullion Coins to Invest in for Internationalization

The Canadian Maple Leaf

Among the most significant gold bullion coins, the Maple Leaf is the "gold standard." In nations like Hong Kong, Canadian Maples are traded as one of the few one-ounce mint-issued gold coins. 

Because Maple Leafs are widely considered the most worldwide gold bullion currency, that head start might have had a significant influence. Maple Leafs have a gold content of .9999, making them one of the finest gold regular-issue bullion coins. Maple Leafs are an excellent addition to your portfolio since the Royal Canadian Mint is more widely regarded than the US Mint. 

Australian Kangaroo

Because of their proximity to Asia, Australian gold coins are a popular choice among Asian investors who are wary of coins like the gold Chinese Pandas.

They're known as Australian Gold Nuggets, and they're one of the few gold bullion coins with a different design every year. Australian Kangaroos are.9999 gold, and the Perth Mint developed the world's first one-ton gold coin in 2011, which made international headlines.

US American Eagle

While US Gold Eagles are popular in the United States, they are not as well-known outside of the country. For example, in Hong Kong and Singapore, two of the world's major gold markets, they may be practically challenging to come by. 

The US American Eagle, like the Krugerrand, is 22-karat gold; the other bullion coins on this list are 24-karat gold and consequently more minor. 

Gold coins and Gold Bullion in West Palm Beach

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