How Do I Test for Fake Silver Bars at Home?

December 7, 2021

One of the most appealing aspects of investing in precious metals, such as the 100 oz. silver bar West Palm Beach, is the physical nature of the product. As a result, you can hold the silver or gold you're purchasing.

This is in contrast to paper money, which counterfeiters can quickly achieve. Because of their physical properties, precious metals are more difficult to forge. Customers must be watchful against counterfeit bullion, so we've put up a list of techniques to spot fake silver and gold. While the tactics listed here do not ensure you will not be a victim of counterfeiting, they are a start.  

Man with gloves holding a 100 oz Silver Bar in West Palm Beach

How Do You Check for Fake Silver?  

Take a Look at the Stamping Quality

Because all silver bars are marketed abroad, they should be branded with the amount of silver they contain. If there is no stamp on the silver bar, it is likely a fake. On their silver items, international dealers of silver bars stamp ratings such as 800, 900, and so on. 

Examine the Sale Price 

Silver and its derivatives, such as bars, coins, and other items, are costly. It's almost probably not genuine silver if it's significantly less than the current price per ounce or gram of silver. Why would someone sell real silver at a lower price than the spot price?? As a result, if you paid less for a silver bar, it is probably not 100 percent genuine.  

Silver Testing on Ice   

The maximum heat conductivity of any common metal or alloy is silver. You can test your silver bar at home using ice. Place your chunk of ice directly on the silver bar and keep your gaze fixed on it. As heat is rapidly delivered, it begins to melt nearly instantaneously.

Using a Magnet

Using a magnet to test a silver bar is a relatively primary method of testing that you may undertake at home. Silver bars have no magnetic properties. For this test, you'll need a powerful magnet. If your magnet attaches tightly to the silver bar, it is not silver and contains a ferromagnetic core.

silver bullion 100 oz Silver Bar in West Palm Beach

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