Gold Coins and Bullions: Are They Made of Real Gold?

April 4, 2022

The purity of gold in legal tender gold bullion is determined by the regulations of each issuing country. The United States, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom are just a few of the countries that produce legal tender gold coins. Some are stamped with monetary amounts, while others are referred to as "rounds." Gold bullion in West Palm Beach can be purchased in the form of non-legal tender coins, ingots, or bars, which are identified by their weight instead of their monetary worth.

stack of gold bullion in West Palm Beach

Made of Real Gold

Gold Percentage in Coins

Most well-known coins made today contain 90% pure gold. These include French gold francs and British gold sovereigns. There are also coins that contain 91.67% gold, which investors, collectors, and metallurgists refer to as 22k.

Why Is It Mixed with Other Metals?

The higher the gold content, the finer and softer the coin becomes. Matching the gold with a stronger metal promotes durability and such a procedure is frequently utilized in countries all over the world.  

The 22k legal tender coins are the Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, and the American Gold Eagle. Other countries also produce a range of 22k gold rounds and commemorative coins.  

Furthermore, many countries make and issue 24k gold coins, which are 99.9% pure gold. Coin and bullion collectors rate these pieces as the purest gold coinage available.

Gold Bullion

As previously indicated, bullion is defined as non-legal currency coins or gold called as ingots or bars. Affluent investors like to purchase "fine" gold ingots and bars, which are nearly 100% pure. Due to the fragility and softness of fine gold, owners rarely handle it to protect its value.

round gold bullion in West Palm Beach

Where to Get Gold Bullion in West Palm Beach?

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