Endeavor Metals Group of West Palm Beach Releases 2018 Precious Metals Report

July 23, 2018

Endeavor Metals Group of West Palm Beach just released their annual Precious Metals Report. This comprehensive report gives investors great insight into what will be happening in the precious metals industry in 2018.West Palm Beach, United States – January 25, 2018 —Endeavor Metals Group (EDR), located in West Palm Beach, Florida, is one of the top precious metals dealers in America, with a long running track record of customer satisfaction within the investment community. With the turn of the New Year EDR has published their annual Precious Metals Report for 2018. EDR encourages any investors or potential investors to read the report to garner a better understanding of where the precious metals market should be moving in 2018.Market analysts at EDR anticipate another strong year for the precious metals market. Precious metals markets increase for a number of reasons but at the top is global uncertainty with political turmoil. The current political climate on a global scale is in a state of unrest and during such times many investors turn to precious metals as a safe haven for their wealth.The new 2018 report details many issues that will likely affect the market in the coming year. Highlighting potential new monetary policies, physical market trends, structural changes set to come to the gold market and the potential of the silver market in the upcoming year.Nick Ganesh, a representative from EDR has this to say about the coming year, “We expect another very strong year for precious metals, especially the silver market. We have seen expanding and growing industrial demand for silver for use in solar panels, smart phones, and the automobile industry. We welcome all potential investors to download the report and contact us if they need more information in regard to diversifying their portfolios into the physical precious metals market.”2017 was a great year for all financial markets including precious metals, the stock market and the fledgling cryptocurrency market. Nick also had to say about the upcoming year, “Precious metals will always be the financial safe haven used to store wealth, and with all the newfound wealth being created in the stock market and even more volatile crypto market; many investors will be looking to secure their profits in a safe manner via physical precious metals, we are very excited for this upcoming years prospect.”Contact Info:
Name: Nick Ganesh
Organization: Endeavor Metals Group, LLC
Address: 324 Datura St #207, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, United States
Phone: +1-855-753-3575

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