Coins Before the Circulation

June 24, 2021

In general, coins in circulation refer to the currency that is being tendered outside the central bank or deposit money banks and issued by the same monetary authorities. It’s the money that circulates or is physically used to conduct financial agreements and business transactions between producers and consumers. Have you ever wondered why we find coins from the Perth Mint in West Palm Beach, FL, and throughout the world?

Pile of Perth Mint coins in West Palm Beach

How Currency Works

From Barters to Banknotes

It has been normalized by society to associate currency with coins or paper notes. However, the currency has overtaken several forms throughout history. Before electronic records, credit accounts, confidential data of our credentials being stored in databases within financial institutions, and even physical money that compromised either old or new coins and paper notes in circulation, we had something much different.

From the early societies, certain commodities became a standard mode of payment, some even used cocoa beans to trade goods directly. However, these became drawbacks, as they have a limited shelf life. This is one of the many reasons why the Perth mint or other minted currency was an important innovation. 

Today, electronic payments and digital money is not only common to young people, but have now become the most ubiquitous method of payment. Unfortunately, most of what is minted today does not attain that as much value as 100 years ago. However, it retains its worth for one of two reasons. 

Sustainability and Authenticity of Coins

Broad money, especially the coins in our pocket, is something we use every day without even pausing to think about how it came to be, what role it plays in our economy, and what consequences it holds. An allegedly ‘neutral’ object, that carries huge implications for the environment we live in.

Our tendered physical money may be losing its financial value, but without it, our society would be lost. It’s also raising the value of specialty coins created by mint’s all over the world. 

Four stacks of Perth Mint coins West Palm Beach

Perth Mint Coins in West Palm Beach

Regardless of the form money takes, all currency has the same basic goals. It enables consumers to store and address long-term needs. That is why At Endeavor Metals Group, we supply you with unique and quality coins that you could treasure and withhold for a lifetime. Contact us today to know more about Perth Mint and the coins we sell!

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