Are American Silver Eagle Coins a Good Investment?

July 14, 2020

Back 1986, the United States Mint made a point to release a 1 oz silver eagle coin annually. The coin is made of a precious metal content that is financed and supported by the full weight of the United States Mint. This exquisite coin known as the Silver American Eagle can be located and purchased in West Palm Beach at Endeavor Metals group which is a Tier 1 US Mint Bullion Dealer.

Reasons to Invest in American Silver Eagle Coins

Cost of Purchase

If you want to purchase a 1 oz American silver eagle coin, you can expect to pay a premium as it is a US Mint product.


Burnished, proofed, or uncirculated American silver eagle coins may all be certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. This is to guarantee that the coins are authentic and possess the overall condition and visual brilliance standard to these coins.Both agencies use the commonly known Sheldon Scale to guarantee that there are no flaws, imperfections, or irregularities in the coins. The scale is a numerical grading scale, with 70 being the perfect score and an indication that the coins are authentic.Unlike any other silver or gold coins, you won’t have a hard time looking for labels and certifications to guarantee that there are signs of mishandling, production flaws, and visual flaws.The labels you need to look for when purchasing certified American silver eagle coins in West Palm Beach are the following: UCAM/DCAM, Early Release/First Strike, PF69/PR69, PF70/PR70, Mint State 69, and Mint State 70.

where is the best American Silver Eagle Coins West Palm Beach?

Know More About American Silver Eagle Coins in West Palm Beach

If you’re planning to purchase these precious coins, you’ll have to first know about the different certifications and labels mentioned above. Since everyone wants to be an educated and informed consumer, it is important to know the nitty-gritty facts when purchasing silver or gold coins. To guide you through the process, contact Endeavor Metals Group today!

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